NUCs – 5 Frame


$5 discount for CK or Cash purchase.

We take great pride in our queen right healthy NUCs. Each colony comes with 5 frames and at least 3 lbs of bees, a laying queen and plenty of brood. We do NOT use old comb, instead each is assembled with at least 2 frames of honey and pollen on 1 to 2 year old comb. The additional 3 frames contain new foundation that we paint with fresh wax for them to draw out quickly. The NUC assembly is made in early to mid April with bees from either an overwintered hive or spring package.



$5 discount for CK or Cash purchase.

5 Frame NUC with a laying Italian queen, at least 3lbs of bees, and plenty of brood. Each NUC comes in a sealed cardboard hive so you can transport your bees safely home.


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