Local Survivor Queens – (mated)


You can order a Survivor Queen now albeit they won’t be available until June.

These queens are breed from colonies found in the Chicagoland area that have lived on their own for 5 years or longer. Our queen mating yard is also located on the perimeter of the West Chicago Prairie and within access to several drone hives with survivor genetics.  This gives our queens the best chance for having the greatest number of survivor genetics.

While having a queen with a high percentage of survivor genetics is good and does give your bees an advantage when battling mite pressure it’s still necessary to have a good mite control program in place for true sustainable beekeeping.



These are live animals so it’s possible a queen can die before you get home. We handle our queens with care and love. Most if not all of you are as careful as we are nevertheless, a dead queen is possible. If this does happen to you and you want a replacement queen please contact us immediately. When returning the queen make sure she is in her original box with her attendants.


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