Italian Queens – (mated but not local)


Our queen producer, The Wilbanks bee farm in Claxton GA., is also Georgia’s primer queen producer. They choose genetics from their strongest and most successful hives and go to great lengths providing all the resources needed to raise strong queens.

Their concern doesn’t stop there. They recognize a queen from them isn’t successful unless you are successful. That includes getting her to your hive strong, and making sure she stays strong as your colony successfully releases her to hit the comb running. That means you can expect your queen will have 7 to 9 attendant bees in her cage including a 4 day candy plug.




Queen cage with a candy plug and 7 to 9 attendees.

These are live animals so it’s possible a queen can die before you get home. We handle our queens with care and love. Most if not all of you are as careful as we are nevertheless, a dead queen is possible. If this does happen to you and you want a replacement queen please contact us immediately. When returning the queen make sure she is in her original box with her attendants and the box screen intact. Thank-you

eir queens. You can expect your queen will have 7 to 9 attendant bees in a cage with a 4 day candy plug.


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