Honey Bees – 3lb Package – early/mid May


3lbs of Italian honey bees with a mated queen.

We take great pride in keeping your bees fresh and healthy. Before your bees are even packaged we arrive at the bee farm to have them loaded into our air conditioned van/truck directly.  This allows your bees ready for pick-up in less than 24 hours! Why is that important? Our cooled bees arrive with far less stress than most packaged bees and can start working quicker and harder with a healthy workforce.

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Each 3 lb package of bees come with a can of syrup, and mated queen. Our queens also have 7 to 9 attendant bees with her and a candy plug so your bees will release her on their own. Make sure you remove the cork plug on the candied side. Only use a screw to pull out the plug. Never push it in with anything else. (early April packages will be 2lbs)

These are live animals so it is possible your queen become injured or even die during transportation. It doesn’t happen very often, nevertheless it is possible. If this does happen to you notify, us immediately and keep the queen with her attendants and cage intact for an exchange.


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