Mentoring program


$25 per workshop pays for the attendance of any or all members of your family. Friends sharing hives are also considered a family group.  We address many of the basic challenges beekeepers encounter and will group you according to your skill level and topic interest. Beekeeping is a lifelong journey of discovery and learning. Regardless of your experience it’s always refreshing to have a resource interested in your particular issues, with advice that promotes best beekeeping practices.tac-dung-cua-dap-mat-na-mat-ong-3




We heard from quite a few beekeepers this winter requesting mentoring opportunities. Our workshop groups are designed to help new beekeepers as well as experienced. The first one begins mid-April and will be more appropriate to newer beekeepers wanting to understand the package installation process and all that surrounds this event.

Most of these workshops are geared toward helping beekeepers become familiar with the basics of hive management while developing good beekeeping practices.

All beekeepers encounter challenges that can be frustrating. A better understanding of that challenges can enhance your hive experiences.  Here are a few basic challenges beekeepers new and experienced tell us they’d like to understand better to increase their successes.

  • Understanding what is happening in your brood nest
  • How to tell if your hive is getting ready to swarm and what to do about it
  • Methods a backyard beekeeper can practice to raise quality queens.
  • How to set up your apiary to become sustainable
  • How to monitor mites, how to control them, and what to do when they reach their threshold population.

If any of these topics are meaningful to you let us know. If there is something else you would like us to offer please share that as well.

We are committed to raising quality local honey bee queens while creating a sustainable bee yard operation. It is also our goal to help other beekeepers with these and their challenges so we can all become more successful beekeepers. ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’

Mid-April – Late-April: workshop

Cost: $25 per family group (friends sharing a hive are considered a family group)

Reservations: No need to send a payment now just email or call to reserve your spot. You can bring the payment when you come. (630) 660-9846


1050 West Washington St. West Chicago, behind the garden center, “We Grow Dreams” Please do not call the garden center with questions. We are a separate company, albeit, they would love it if you checked out their plants.

Package installation. This workshops will include hands on participation while you install packages into hives and review different methods for installation. We will discuss different weather conditions that can affect your installation and things you will want to observe for several weeks after. Plan to spend a few hours for this workshop. We are limiting each group to 10 or less, this will give everyone a chance to ask questions and have them properly addressed.We will add as many workshop opportunities as interest dictates.

The bees for the mid-April workshop will have traveled for several days. It will be our goal to get them safely in their new hive as quickly as possible. Because of this we cannot tell you the exact day of the workshop until a week prior.  We’ll have more flexibility for scheduling workshops on convenient days as the season progresses.

Since we have substantially expanded our queen rearing operation we no longer have the time to promise home hive visits. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to call and text pictures if you have questions. I’ll do my best to return your call within the day or early the next. Please feel free to call it is truly free.



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