Carlstrom – Bee Buddy

April 23,  2016

The first Bee Buddy Hive of 2016.

The Carlstrom (Left Hive)

The Carlstrom (Left Hive)

Elaine and Paul Carlstrom are sponsoring this hive. The colony and new queen were installed Sunday Apr. 3rd. The temperature was in the mid 50s with less than ideal wind conditions. Fortunately these hives are tucked into a corner of the property and protected from the predominant westerly winds.










20160403_160625This small box contains 2 lbs of bees which is our colony of honey bees. The can in the center is full of syrup water to feed them while in transit. We placed this box in an empty hive box and located it under another hive box that contain 10 frames for of which have fully drawn honeycomb. The honeycomb added from another hive will help these bees get a head start as they begin to build their own comb and start raising their brood.








20160403_160454This small box contains the queen that came with the colony. It is placed in between two frames and situated so the screen is facing the opening so the bees are able to feed her until she is released.

It’s hard to tell from this photo but there is a small marshmallow covering the hole in this box. The bees will eat this marshmallow and release the queen. That takes about a 2 days for the bees to eat through the marshmallow.

These frames you see are empty with the execption of some capped honey in the top area. The honey will be needed to feed the brood and the empty cells will be full of brood. We’ll check back with this hive in a couple of weeks to look at how the queen is laying.






These are from the same batch of Bee Buddy colonies we installed Sunday. Not the Carlstrom colony but this is about the same thing that happened. It is a fun shot of them leaving their traveling cage after the long journey from California.