Honey Bee Removal & Relocation

Removal & Relocation 

typical costs not including restoration if necessary

HONEY BEES: $650 to $850

WASPS & HORNETS:  $150 to $225

BUMBLE BEES:  $225 to $500


Honey Bees are a little furry and golden in color

Our base price includes removing the bees, relocating them live to a bee yard, and bee proofing your home so the bees don’t return. We can also restore your home to it’s originals condition, which we quote on an as need basis. You can choose to hire your own carpenter, hire CityBeeSavers, or use the professional carpenters preferred by CityBeeSavers. We are happy to work with you on any of these options.


Typical swarm in structure removal

We are experts in honey bee removal. Each removal is unique. Honey bees can be very resourceful when locating in your home or out structure. We take great care when locating the bees in your structure, removing the hive, and restoring your home to it’s original condition.

Since the spread of the Verroa Mite  in the mid 1980’s and then in 2006 the introduction of a new class of chemicals referred to as Neonics, all wild honey bees in Illinois have disappeared . The Illinois Queen Rearing Initiative is actively seeking survivor bees that have escaped and are living on their own. These bees are recognized for having hearty genetic qualities . City Bee Savers will relocate survivor honey bees to a special mating yard in an effort to help develop an Illinois hearty honey bee. While it is unfortunate honey bees chose your home to live take heart your bees will be part of the solution in our effort to establish the Illinois hearty honey bee.


We have partnered with several professional carpenters each experienced beekeepers who are licensed and insured will perform your restoration. City Bee Savers is also experienced and qualified to do any light restoration work if the case warrants it. It isn’t our goal to charge you high prices for restoration. We do what ever we can to make the cost affordable.




Anatomy of a Swarm Removal


Located bees, nails removed to reveal hive



Hive revealed


Hive revealed


Removing bees with special bee vacuum



Bees removed


Bee proofing begun. All comb spray painted with primer


Cavity filled with insulation so bees cannot return to this location


Adjacent area filled as well to discourage honey bees from locating in the area


Restoration begun. All wood repaired and ready for painting

A few swarm removal projects


special bee vacuum

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