2018 Packages and NUC orders available soon. (mid-Dec.)

You can soon reserve your 2018 honey bees or Complete hive including bees and tools for Spring 2018. We assemble all you need to begin your journey working with the bees.  If a pick-up date is sold out there is still a possibility a package or two will come available many requests are made to switch their dates. Call and we’ll put you on our waiting list and contact you once a change is made.

 2018 –  Package of Italian bees w/ mated queen – ($125)

3lb Packages: At present we have 3 pick-up dates for packages Mid-April, Late-April, and Early May. (Last year we had an early April ]2lb packages pickup date but our bee supplier informed us with only 2 days notice that he had a load of 3lb packages available for the same date. We opted to include these 3lb packages. Both sizes cost us the same so we passed the 3lb package savings onto you. It is possible to get another last minute early delivery notice. Of course we won’t know this again until the last minute. Please let us know if you’d like to be informed of an early April last minute package.)

NUCS: Nucs will be available for pick-up from early to mid May weather dependant. All of our NUCs have at least 3 lbs of bees, with a laying queen, plenty of brood, and 5 frames with comb. (We don’t unload our old comb with these NUCs like some sellers do, instead we provide your NUCS with as much new comb as possible. The NUCs are started in early April from overwintered stock or early packaged bees. It is our practice to add 2 frames of 1 or 2 year old drawn comb with 3 frames of new foundation. We paint this foundation with fresh wax to encourage your bees to draw it out quickly. Because we use new foundation on 3 frames it’s possible not all of it will be drawn out by May. )   or   (630)-660-9846

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3lb packages of Italian bees with mated queen $125

Italian honey bees are well suited for Chicagoland weather. Our locally raised Italian honey bee queen will help your colony battle stresses with heartier bees.

We spend summers removing honey bees from homes, apartment buildings, and trees. A few of those colonies we find will have survived for several years on their own. That means they have fought off the varroa mite, CCD, and all manner of diseases stressing our honey bees . The resilience found in these unmanaged hives are a few of the traits we select to assist our mating yards.

Free Queen Swap

The package bees do not contain our locally raised queen albeit, we offer a free queen swap program for anyone who purchases bees from City Bee Savers. We’ll begin raising queens at the end of April which means the first queens will come available at the end of May or early June. Many of these queens are already spoken for but not to worry we are raising queens all summer.


5 frame nuc

5 Frame NUC (wooden box additional $TBD –



 5 frame NUCS – ($170)

  • Each NUC contains at least one frame of honey, one frame of honey/pollen & one frame of brood/eggs
  • about 3 lbs of worker and nurse bees
  • Laying queen   or   (630)-660-9846

Let us know how you found us we’d love to hear from you?