Bee Yard Gallery




the Apiary


A bee yard which is called an Apiary. These bee keepers are inspecting all the hives of this apiary. Typically, the hives will be inspected every 9 days. Those smaller boxes have newly mated queens getting ready to be combined with a colony of worker bees.







A bee hive


A bee hive. Each hive has only one queen but can have many boxes. Each box has 10 frames, (some systems use only 8 frames per box but we use the 10 frame system). The frames will contain brood and honey in the first two boxes. In these the queen raises her brood but when the hive is strong and ready to make honey the beekeeper will add more boxes that the bees only store honey into. Most hives start with only one box and throughout the season as the colony grow in size the bee keeper will add more boxes. A hive in our urban area can grow to 5 or 6 boxes tall. 3 to 4 boxes high is more typical, but we always hope for a productive year.







3 lb packages of honey bees


These are 3 lb packages of honey bees that we purchase from a bee producer. Each package will combined with one of our new queens so she has help getting started raising her brood. These purchased worker bees will only live 3 to 4 weeks but that is long enough for your queen to get started. She and that colony will begin the year of brood rearing and honey production. Each package contains about 8,000 to 10,000 bees. By mid summer this colony will grow to 50,000 honey bees. That’s when the honey starts to flow and the fun begins.









Queen Cells


A frame of new honey bee queens soon to emerge. This is what they look like during development.





Honey Bee Queen



That’s our beautiful queen working in her hive. Look how all the workers are facing her.











This frame shows that our queen is doing a great job of laying her brood. Those white capped cells on the corners contain honey and some of the pollen they need to feed the larva and brood.






Capped Honey



This frame is all honey. A frame of honey like this can contain 4 to 6 lbs of honey.








Visiting Day




Visiting day with an open hive inspection.











Honey of course