Afrim Hive

Newest Bee Buddy member –

 the first install for 2017

No doubt where the bees are in this balcony

If you look closely you can see the bees in the 3rd bay from the left

14 frames were full of bees with lots of emerging brood and larvae.

here’s a good shot of their original cluster. Even though the air temp was only in the mid 40s the bees and brood nest was very warm to the touch.

The comb fit nicely into a deep brood frame.

Here are all the brood frames with 3/4s of the bees ready for transportation. The remaining bees were gathered up in my special bee vacuum and joined with the colony once I returned to the bee yard.

It was a welcoming site to see so many bees in flight doing their orientation maneuvers. Sorry it’s hard to see from this photo. The center box are the bees and the box above is full of honey and comb for them to move into.

This new member of the Bee Buddy hives came from an early spring bee removal. It was a 2 day removal process because of the cold weather. The Afrim bees were the recipients of a winter planning process that included a gentler removal process. Judging from the calm demeanor of the bees and how well they quickly recovered from the removal without any noticeable brood loss I’d say the removal process was a great success.

Really looking forward to managing this hive in 2017.

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  1. Mr. Bill is the man! He safely removed an extremely large colony from the balcony above mine. He was extremely knowledgeable and explained the entire process. He was very organized and clean. I won’t be starting any hives myself but he did set me up for the bee buddy program so I can monitor the hive he named after me. Super excited about that! Thanks again Bill for all your hard work. I hope these bees help the cause.

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