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2018 Honey Bees available.  HERE3 lbs Italian honey bees with mated queen

Finding, Saving & Breeding – Local Honey Bees 
A Sustainable Beekeeping Resource for Chicagoland


Italian honey bees are suited for Chicagoland. Our locally raised ‘Honey Bee Queen’ is even better. We’ll explain in a minute but first…

Our queen rearing season was again a great success and again we didn’t realize how many of you were interested. That means we often ran out of this beautiful local queens. Our response for 2018 will be to produce 1000 local queens, more than triple our 2017 output.

In summer we collect escapee colonies from vacant homes, apartments, and trees.

 A few of these colonies have survived 5  or more years without human assistance. They successfully fought varroa, CCD, and all manner of diseases to survive this long. Because of that we produce queens and drones from these survivor colonies and offer them to beekeepers of Chicagoland. 

It’s our goal to be your local resource for mated queens. Stay tuned we plan to have a queen give-a-way this summer. More on that soon.



email (citybeesavers@gmail.com) or  phone. (630)-660-9846.

Let us know how you found us we’d love to hear from you?



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Become a “BEE BUDDY” and sponsor your own beehive. Learn more about this unique new program that pays dividends in honey while helping support the development of the “Illinois Honey Bee” currently in process. What is a “BEE BUDDY” how do I get involved?


Honey Bee Saver Program









Bill Whitney – Bee keeper


Bill Whitney, the owner of “City Bee Savers”, has kept honey bees for over 20 years. We are a small honey bee farm that is deeply concerned for the future of these magnificent creatures. The vulnerability of the bees has prompted Bill to become a certified member of the Illinois queen rearing initiative. This group is developing a superior honey bee suited for the rigors of Illinois. Bill can be found talking to garden clubs about planting for pollinators,or teaching bee keeping classes in the community centers or mentoring families as they learn to care for their bees. He is a wealth of knowledge and would love to share what he knows with you just for your asking.

(630-660-9846 he receives many calls during the summer so it might take him a few hours, be patient he will get back with you as soon as he can)






bee_pic_14 We are experts when it comes to removing honey bees from your home or building. It is tricky finding where the bees are located behind walls or under a roof but we have lots of experience and all the expertise to handle just about any situation. We respond quickly once you call but it helps greatly if you can send us a picture of the bees (bill@billwhitney.com),and also a shot showing their entrance in relation to the ground.

It takes a lot of work to properly remove and relocate honey bees so we charge a fee for this fun. The base price for a hive removal/relocation is $300 and if there is structural work required we include a quote from one of our beekeeper carpenters who are licensed and insured. They will return your home to it’s original condition.

Please take note it isn’t wise to kill the honey bees. A bee hive in your home can be as large as 30 to 50 thousand bees this is the size of a small animal (possum). rotting dead bees, larva and fermenting honey will not only emit a terrible smell but will attract ants, mice, and other pests.

Call for an assessment and quote – 630-660-9846 (Structural restoration quoted as needed)



Paper wasp nest

We tackle challenges poised by other types of bees, wasps, and hornets. When these critters take residence in your home call and we’ll do everything we can to respond quickly to your situation.

Call for an assessment and quote – 630-660-9846 (typically $150)








Exif_JPEG_422There is a growing interest in beekeeping. We mentor all levels of beekeepers who wish to gain a better understanding for the art and science of beekeeping. You will learn what is needed for your bees through each season. “Bill Whitney is a great teacher and friend,” says first time bee keeper Alan Zelez. “It can be a little over whelming when you start caring for a colony of honey bees especially once you discover all the things you need to know to be successful.”






Honey bequeene queens for sale. The honey bee queen is the core of each hive so we take this magnificent creature seriously.  Whether sold separately or with a NUC each queen is breed from our best over wintered hives, with the heartiest drones in northern Illinois. All mated queens are sold once they have proven to be great egg layers. Unfortunately, the demand for our bees is greater then what we produce so it is important you order early to get on our May queen and NUC waiting list.

Call for availability of 2016 queens – 630-660-9846 (Queens $35 & NUCS $170 pick-up only)





We sell the best honey, bees make. Our honey is local, raw, and bottled with care. We practice organic beekeeping methods only. $5 for 1/2 a pound, $10 a pound, and $20 for 2 pounds.