Can I help the bees?

YES! you can.

It is true honey bees and other pollinators are having a difficult time but it is also true you can do something about it. It isn’t difficult, in fact it can be fun and rewarding.

There are a growing number of people willing and eager to help in this struggle so here is the situation. There are three primary stresses affecting the bees.  A new class of chemicals, the mite, and the loss of habitat. There are also three types of people needed to combat these problems, legislators, beekeepers/scientists, and you.


Why the future looks promising:


Rose and Flower pestacide

The NEONICS, a new class of chemicals, are becoming outlawed or challenged in much of the world as lawmakers and concerned people realize we need to balance with nature when designing methods for farming production. You can help at home by being aware of these chemicals sold in your local stores and avoid them. The following website is a great resourse for products we want to avoid. Neonics in Products .






Varroa Distructor

The MITE is the biggest threat to the bees because they weaken the bee physically and spread diseases and virus’ from hive to hive. Beekeepers are responding with new and innovative practices to battle this parasite. Scientists and researchers are busy developing honey bees that will resist these mites without our intervention. Fortunately, more and more information is becoming available about this pest. Get started learning about this parasite at the following website. Verroa Mite .





Garden bonus: Pollinator plants; Mar'12; Monarda didyma "Pink Lace' in test garden

Garden bonus: Pollinator plants; Mar’12; Monarda didyma “Pink Lace’ in test garden

HABITAT LOSS, Every home owner, community garden member or balcony potted plant owner can help the honey bees over come their struggle when it comes to loss of habitat. There are a host of bee and butterfly friendly plants everyone can grow. Some of the best plants are indigenous to your area which bloom all summer. For a simple list of plants and flowers with pictures check out the following website. Planting For Pollinators  . If you want a more comprehensive list NASA has put together a nifty chart to follow. Plants for our region.










Become a “Honey Bee Saver” and sponsor your own beehive. Learn more about this unique new program that pays dividends in honey while helping support the development of the “Illinois Honey Bee” currently in process. What is a “Honey Bee Saver” how do I get involved?


Honey Bee Saver Program